La Marseillaise - audio files

Here you can hear La Marseillaise in various file formats. The larger the file, the better it should sound but the longer it will take to download.

Midi generated with Lilypond marseillaise.midi (7Kb)

Original midi marseillaise.mid (7Kb)

Midi for wind/military band - Greg Timson marseillaise_military.mid (7Kb)

RealAudio marseillaise.ra (116Kb)

Sun AU (226Kb)

Wave marseillaise.wav (676Kb)

Quicktime (1.5Mb)

Mireille Mathieu's performance

This rendition, kindly sent to me by Mave the Rave features none other than "La demoiselle d'Avignon" herself, Mireille Mathieu. The performance is presented in MP3 format. It's a 6Mb download but well worth the effort to grab it.

Download the file here.

Hector Berlioz's orchestral arrangement

For MP3 versions of Hector Berlioz's orchestral arrangement, see the Berlioz section.

As sung by the Stade de France crowd

Recorded on the occasion of the 2007 Rugby World Cup semi-final between France and England, this clip showcases all the patriotic fervour of a major sporting event.

Download the file in MP3 format.

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