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Here it is: my French to English translation of La\n"; echo "Marseillaise. It isn't unique, there's an official\n"; echo "translation at http://www.elysee.fr/president/la-presidence/les-symboles-de-la-republique-francaise/la-marseilllaise/la-marseillaise-de-rouget-de-lisle.637.html\n"; echo "which I discuss under other\n"; echo "translations, along with a "translation" carried out\n"; echo "by a bot. Since this site was first created, many more\n"; echo "translations have sprung up too. If you know of a particularly\n"; echo "good one, let me know.

\n\n"; echo "

The translations (there are two - more on that later) are all\n"; echo "my own work, and at no time did I claim to be perfect. If you\n"; echo "have any suggestions as to how to improve the translation (or if\n"; echo "you want to complain because you copied it for a school project\n"; echo "and your teacher told you it was the worst attempt at translation\n"; echo "he'd ever seen), feel free to send me your ideas. There's a mail\n"; echo "link at the bottom of this page.

\n\n"; echo "

As I hinted above, I've provided two translations. The first is\n"; echo "a first attempt at a literal translation, whereas with the other I\n"; echo "took a few more liberties to try to give a better idea of the\n"; echo "meaning of the original French. In both cases you'll see the\n"; echo "original French and English translation lined up in a neat table\n"; echo "so you can check off each verse.

\n\n"; echo "La Marseillaise was deliberately written using flowery\n"; echo "language and is therefore very difficult to translate, and it's\n"; echo "almost impossible to give an English version without sounding\n"; echo "arty-farty and stupid, but I've given it my best shot.

\n\n"; } echo "

"; echo "View the "; echo "standard or liberal translation.

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